In completing my MA in Fine Art at BIAD, the importance of place, particularly in relation to loss, features heavily in my work. Dream accounts, language, philososphy, psychoanalytic theory and house references all have a role to play. Photography and film are emerging as the most useful tools to convey my ideas at this point and whilst I am not bound to any particular media, considerations of balance and texture are always present.

My work is an exploration, a journey which itself mirrors place in that it represents only a static slice of an ever-changing situation. “Places change,” says Massey (2005) ..they go on without you.” Physically perhaps. The dynamics change with each person who contributes to it but the essence of each of them is not lost there. Whilst spatial constructs are connected to time they are not bound to it, just as memories and histories are not psychically dated; “Dates are put back in afterwards; they come from other people, from elsewhere, from another time than the time lived.” (Bachelard, 1969) Places are forever incomplete, in production and ungraspable. But the continuing bonds are there for all of us if we would only choose to open our hearts and minds to them.